1. Go to
  2. Click on Register link.
  3. Enter your company details for registration.
  4. EEMAX Award Entry fee for EEMA Members is Rs.6785, For Client it is Rs.10620 and for International it is $150, per entry.
  5. Post registration you will receive an account activation link on your primary email id which you used for registration.
  6. Click on account activation link and your account will get activated to submit your entries in EEMAX GLOBAL Awards 2017.
  7. Enter your credentials and login to your account at
  8. You can change your password by using forgot password link.
  9. Enter your secondary contact details in case if we are unable to reach you, will use these secondary contact details.
  10. On the Dashboard page, click on "Click here to add new entry" to add your entry details.
  11. Select your Category Type, Category and enter your Event Activation Title.
  12. All the 4 tabs need to be completed for a successful Submission.
    • Project Information
    • Client Information
    • Pay Online
    • Supporting Documents
  13. The guidelines of how to prepare your A3 Storyboard are stated below:
    • The A3 storyboard has to be submitted in a soft copy format through the online application portal only. The file size of the storyboard soft copy should not exceed 10 MB.
    • The name of the participating agency should NOT appear anywhere in the A3 storyboard.
    • Please stick to the key points only and do not give too much detail.
    • The font size should not be less than 12.
    • Please use Times New Roman or Calibri fonts only.
    • A SAMPLE storyboard with key sections that could be included is shared below for you:

  14. Indicative points to be included into each section of your storyboard:
    Element Description Mandatory Points Indicative Points
    Campaign details
    This is to give the jury an overview of the event / campaign
    • Name of the event / campaign
    • Time-span of the event / campaign (Whether recurring campaign or not)
    • Geographical spread of the event / campaign
    Background & Objectives
    This is to give the jury a brief idea about the event / campaign, its objectives and the target group
    • The purpose or objective of the event / campaign
    • The target audience for the event / campaign
    • The origin of / idea behind the event / campaign
    • Specific requirements or preferences of the client
    • Factors important for success of the event / campaign
    The jury will be looking for appropriateness, relevance and quality of strategic thinking
    What was the strategy?
    • How was it devised?
    • What was the rationale behind it?
    • How was the strategy suited to meet the client’s objectives?
    Creative Concept & Innovation
    The jury will be looking for originality, creativity, impact of the concept and an ability to achieve the objectives
    The idea / innovation that was developed from concept to implementation Any related issues that were faced during development of the concept
    Execution & Planning
    The jury will be looking for the effectiveness on how the execution was carried out
    Method of execution of the event/activation and its relevance to the client's objectives
    The jury will be looking for the extent to which the objectives of the event / campaign were met
    Describe the success of the activation / event with client testimonials and quantifiable results
    Other Relevant Details Details that are required as per the award categories and key evaluation factors
  15. On each tab you can click on Save button to save the information you have entered. Clicking on the Confirm button will save and lock that tab. You will be unable to make any changes once it is locked. Please make sure you check all the information before confirming.
  16. Post confirming the Client Information tab, the respective client will receive an email to approve your entry details.
  17. Client approval is mandatory for all the entries submitted by you.
  18. Go to the entry edit page to make payment. Select the entry you want to pay for. Click on the Generate Invoice button and make the payment.
  19. After clicking on Pay button, you will be redirected to (Payment gateway)
  20. You will be able to make the payment using any of the available options.
  21. Post successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email along with the transaction id.
  22. Once all your submissions are completed only then generate your Agency Declaration form in the Edit Entry Section and send it EEMA at the below mentioned address, along with your payment acknowledgment printouts. Also, email the scanned copy of the Agency Declaration Form along with the Payment receipts, to and cc to

    Mr. Amit Vaid,
    EEMA Accounts, B-9,
    Greater Kailash Enclave-2,
    New Delhi-110048.